An Exciting Adventure

Why not make your life interesting? Life should be an exciting adventure… so you should be “you” even if people don’t understand you or what you’re doing because I can guarantee you they won’t, so you might as well live a life that excites “you” even if people think you’re weird…

My whole life I was always worried about doing the right thing or I was always worried about fitting in and being a part of “the group” because you know how “everyone else” has life figured out or they seem to know the right way to go about doing things… or you have so much respect for this or that person etc…

I think the most frustrating part was that half of the stuff I was trying to do or doing wasn’t even what I wanted for myself. it would be something I saw my brothers were doing or maybe something my friends were doing or something I was told I should be doing and I had just never stopped to ask if that was what I wanted for myself. I just always wanted to do what appeared cool or wanted to go on the road that everyone else was traveling on because it looked like the obvious way to go.

I was raised in a baptist family and have always believed in the truths of the bible and the bible tells us the road that is wide and traveled by everyone isn’t the way, and I’m not writing that to challenge what you believe or to preach some religious gospel because the older I get and the more that I learn I’m not so sure in what way I would define my religious beliefs anymore but I do still believe what I’ve read and find to be true in the bible because the bible has simple truths in it and I say that because they can be understood by anyone who takes time to think about them regardless of what you believe or practice.

It reads that the road is straight and narrow.

The outcast that you are judging because they have tri-colored or wild hair or that isn’t cut straight like everyone else or because they decided they wanted to wear all black to school or because they decided they still want to live at home to save money or decides to live in a van because it offers them a different perspective of the world or simply because they just want to be different is just expressing themselves in the truest way they know-how.

As a child, you are encouraged to be whoever you want and do whatever you want. You are still allowed to dream. If you ask a kid what they want to be when he grows up and he optimistically and honestly says he wants to go to the moon his parents don’t say- people don’t go to the moon anymore or yeah son good luck with that… his parents buy him every toy or object related to space and the moon and buy them a bedframe that resembles a spaceship and will decorate their room with stars and images of the galaxy until then they grow up and get all that drummed out of him.

I left home in my van to find that path, to find a true way of living because I don’t want to be held back or bound to the limitations of this reality and the thoughts that people of the world will try to project onto me.

(you cant do that! it’s hard! have fun with that! etc)

It’s truly freeing being on the road and discovering who I am by traveling to places I’ve never been where people that don’t know me can see the light that I shine with a perspective that is different than the people that you have me my entire life. and encourage me to be who I am.

I want to live an interesting life even if people think that’s weird because I’m a dreamer and I think that life was meant to be an exciting adventure even if people don’t understand me or what I am doing I will continue to live a life that excites “me”.