Traveling Along The Path

So the EP ” A Wild Dream” has been completed with “Cartoon Eyes” being released on March 25th as the final single off the 3 song ep and it ended a very long chapter in my life.

I’m proud of the recordings even though figuring out the process was trying. I wanted to make a project that I produced myself without any outside help other than the recording engineer and the tools he offered me to complete the project. Since I started making music I never really felt like it was my own I guess… I mean sure I wrote the songs but when there are other people involved in the process of cooking the ingredients in the pot they will tend to have their own agenda in wanting to steer the direction of the vehicle (IMO its a very understandable thing) and helping to get it to its final destination. I do think the project would have come out sounding more polished and professional had I grabbed a team of professionals to help me put it together but that wasn’t what “A Wild Dream” was about.

It was about remembering where you came from and what brought you where you are and deciding how you are going to move forward now that you have analyzed that information. I tried to tell that story through the music videos that would accompany each song. “Memories” is about traveling and the hard drives of memories that I accumulated throughout my journeys that I had planned to upload and never did, and then after looking back on the years of footage and the places that music had taken me and having the revelation that would later come to me in a dream that I need to keep going and that there was more to do and more to see I wrote “Cruise” and that’s why that song comes across as a dream (or at least I hope it was portrayed as one in the video that accompanied it) that basically told me that there was more to see and so much more to do. that even the music isn’t everything its the soundtrack to life but there is so much more of me to explore and to figure out in which direction I am going to take my life.

The final song “Cartoon Eyes” was about settling the score with “Betty” and the healing of the boy and his ripped out heart where he admits his truth and then burns the bridge so that he may never cross it again and continues to travel his path its just a few songs and a story about deciding which way to go along the path or deciding wether or not if to even continue along it.

I took a long bike ride on a familiar trail in the northeast woods of pennsylvania along the deleware river the other day and it was interesting… I guess all the rain in we had last year or in the last couple of years has completely wethered away the soil that was holding together the trail. and as I ride along this trail its worn down to dirt from where people walk and ride and its a nice smooth easily ridden trail and then there are other parts that are still the trail but just extremely bumpy and more difficult to ride so I would keep on riding and then i would come to a part where as far as I can see the trail is completly washed away and I have to decide at that point wether or not I want to continue to ride at all or if i want to get off and walk until the trail becomes rideable again or not and it made me think about life.

we are all on a trail or a path and when we start out the path is smooth and we can ride along the path smoothly and the ride is enjoyable and easy and we are enjoying ourselves on the path and then some parts are just rocky and while you can still ride along the path and all of the beauty surrounding you is still there its just a little bit more work as you continue, and then you will reach the part where the path is completley washed away all the beauty is still there surrounding you but now you have to get off the bike and walk to the next part where it isnt so smooth again but at leasts its not completley worn away and then you will come to another smooth part of the road and the ride is enjoyable again but sporadically there are ducks and geese that are sitting in your path and you have to go around them all to come to another rocky point on the trail where you will have to decide if you want to keep going and question why you are even riding in the first place. all of the beauty of nature is still around you its just that the path is gone and you will have to dismount your bike and walk to the next part of the path that is smooth again even though you cant see it.

some parts of the ride are going to be smooth some parts of the terrain will be bumpy and some parts of the road will be completley washed away and you will have to dismount your bike and walk the rocky and worn terrain and it might even start to rain… were you prepared with a rain coat in your biking bag? more importantly how badly do you want to keep riding?